The personal site of John Dummett.

Revisit Hermicity.

To celebrate the launch of this personal website, which will come to be the home of lots of interesting information and content over time, I have put the Hermicity website back online.

Hermicity was an art project launched in mid 2016. The purpose of Hermicity was to illustrate the potential of decentralised infrastructure, give people a laugh and poke some fun at the Ethereum community of the time.

At the time of the launch the website attracted press, which is also interesting to revisit. See Vice, Fusion and N-O-D-E.

About me.

I am John Dummett. I have been trading cryptocurrency since 2013. I have previously worked for the Australian Bureau of Meterology, CoinJar and BitMEX. I am a cryptcurrency and startup professional. If you would like to get in touch, please message me on Twitter.