Luso Africa Soccer Club

Luso Africa Soccer

Luso Africa FC, have been competing in the SAB League for the last three years and have established themselves as a major competitor in that league, having finished 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the last three years respectively.

Another exciting season lies ahead for Luso as they strive to continue to prove their reputation as one of the most respected and competitive teams in the league.

Developing young talent

In its drive to develop young talent SAFA has instituted a quota system whereby five players under the age of 21 are required to be on the field at the start of each game. Luso Africa is keen to search out good young talent that aspires to play at this level with a view to growing both as a player and an individual and looking to take a further step in their growth as a footballer. This growth would see the player looking to play in a higher league, being the ABC Motsepe League, a league in which we have acquired a status.

This new and exciting step in the growth of Luso Africa FC will challenge the structures of the club and sees them competing in the third highest tier of South African football. As with the SAB League there is a quota system implemented by SAFA that the team must start with five under 23’s so, again, the club is continually on the lookout for good young talent.



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